NewVert-128Spring RTS 104.0

La toute dernière version du moteur de jeu Spring RTS V104.0 est sortie !

— 104.0 ——————————————————–
Major :
– Add LuaMenu – an unsynced stripped down Lua environment that starts before the game is loaded and persists through reload
this environment receives the Draw{Genesis,Screen,ScreenPost} callins as well as
a special AllowDraw FPS limiter which enables these if true is returned from it
(otherwise they are called once every 30 seconds)

! make GL3.0 the minimum required OpenGL version; Intel G45’s and other relics are now banned
(any driver that claims support for this *and* shaders is allowed to run Spring unimpeded)
– improve memory management so Spring.Reload can be safely called multiple times in a row
– kill various desyncs that slipped into 103.0

– Assorted bugfixes and optimisations
– force regeneration of ArchiveCache
– Implement VFS modes – VFS.MOD, VFS.MAP & VFS.BASE now actually work. Added VFS.MENU


Plus d’infos sur le changelog c’est à dire ce qui change entre la version 103 et 104, c’est ici.

Vous trouverez ce dont vous aurez besoin sur ce tout dernier moteur de jeu à la page des téléchargements.
On en parle .

Merci à l’ensemble du staff des développeurs pour leur intense travail.